Joke 207:Rabbit in a bar

This rabbit walks into a bar one cold night and says, "I'd like a beer and a ham and cheese toastie please." The bartender looks stymied but gives the rabbit what he wants. The rabbit chucks a few dollars on the bar and saunters off. He does the same thing next week to the increasing curiosity of the bartender. On the third week the Rabbit comes back, asks for his beer and ham and cheese toastie. The bartender tells the rabbit, "Sure, we're out of cheese though, but we have onion." The rabbit sighs, tucks in and leaves. The rabbit isn't heard from for a few weeks and comes back into the bar one night as a ghost. The bartender says "Crikey mate, what happened to you?" The rabbit looks at the bartender and says, "I mixed my toasties!" ( Myxomatosis was a drug used in Australia to control the introduced rabbit population) Part of the Dream Weave Walk 1999-2012